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this was done in renshu not whith the intent of perform is just regular keiko.

Nishiyama 16th ITKF Traditional Karate Championships Jumbo Screen 1.

Nishiyama 16th ITKF Traditional Karate Championships Jumbo Screen. Nishiyama – Enbu TP Basic Shoulder Roll Orange Belts Manhattan Beach Traditional Karate.

Nishiyama Reaction Force Stage 4 Now we move on the more complex. In zenkustu dachi, a non symmetrical stance you will not have the same total sensation in t…

Gichin Funakoshi[1], dressed in Karate clothing, comes on stage. He performs the Kata[2] HEIAN GODAN and then recites, GICHIN FUNAKOSHI Step by step — ZENKU… 1924 Kata Footage of Master Gichin Funakoshi.

Only had couple minutes of video footage, so i threw together a quick edit! Produced and Directed by Tolga Katas Music: Ni…

Interview to Douglas Brose Entrevista com Douglas Brose History of Karate. Douglas Brose of Brazil vs. Michele Giul…

Charlie Leake fighting in the final of the kumite competition. 10-6th kyu.

Equipe de France féminine katas avec Clotilde Boulanger, Sonia Fiuza et Jessica Hugues.